Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

10 Common Inquiries from Property Owners -

It all depends on the size of the building, the area covered by ductwork and the number of heating and cooling units. The bigger concern is how many people frequent the building and in this case, the building with the most people need more frequent cleaning. Smaller units requiring less attention is a myth since there is a certain period after which air ducts need to be cleaned out.

The pricing for cleaning out air ducts and HVAC systems could vary since they depend on a lot of factors. The many factors affecting pricing include size of the ductwork, number of vents, location and other reasons related to where they are places. The average duct cleaning job can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 but this could fluctuate as well. To find out in detail about duct cleaning pricings, follow this link where we explain duct cleaning prices in thorough detail.

For the most part, no chemicals are involved in the cleaning of air ducts since the use of vacuums and brushes are more prevalent. However if the duct cleaning involves procedures such as pest removal or sanitization, the use of chemicals can be expected. The chemicals in use will be certified to be environmentally friendly and will not cause any health issues to the inhabitants of the building.

Yes, duct cleaning does include sanitization and disinfecting if the building owner/facilitator requests it. Disinfecting and sanitization can be selected as an extra service as it isn’t usually included in the standard duct cleaning procedure. The use of isopropyl alcohol solutions are used for disinfection and sanitation. The chemicals are absolutely safe and usually odorless. Duct cleaners will also routinely remove pests if there are any and this comes as a recommended service since pests can cause more direct damage to air ducts.

Of course they are! All our cleaners and staff members are NADCA certified for a reason and that is to provide the best service which is beyond standard levels. We give priority to cleaners who are certified with NADCA since we know they are up to the mark for the job and they will provide you with the most comprehensive duct cleaning service.

HVAC systems and air ducts do affect electricity bills since they are constantly pumping in fresh air and pumping our the exhaust. HVAC systems also use electricity to provide heating and cooling for your building and that comes at a substantial cost. If not cleaned periodically, these electricity bills could increase due to the accumulation of dust which reduces the effectiveness of the system altogether. When the temperature control effectiveness is reduced, cooling and heating systems need to put in much more energy to provide the same level of work. Cleaning out eases that stress, reduces electricity bills and keeps every component running efficiently.

There are countless reasons as to why it is important to periodically clean out air ducts and HVAC systems. Air ducts accumulate dust which obstructs air flow and that needs to be cleaned out as first priority. The accumulation of dirt and dust can even cause the whole system to run inefficiently and this in turn defeats the purpose of having air ducts in the first place. Cleaning air ducts helps to make them run smoothly so you get the clean fresh airflow efficiently.

Cleaning out air ducts is not a DIY project. This needs to be handled by professionals who know their way around the system. Professionals will make sure to clean out your ducts thoroughly while keeping in mind not to cause any damage to the intricate ductwork and temperature control systems. If you attempt to cleana our air ducts all by yourself, you might end up with some collateral damage since our experts make sure to maintain a checklist of procedures during duct cleaning. We understand your attempt to save money but this in turn could end up costing you much more if any components of the system are damaged. It is advised and recommended to ask your local HVAC experts to handle HVAC related cleaning jobs.

We understand that it may concern you when we clean out dust from air ducts they might end up littered all over the place but that isn’t the case with air duct cleaning. We make sure to use seals to prevent the dispersion of dust particles. Moreover, we use vacuums to suck out the dust rather than blow it all over the place. We make sure the process is as clean as it can be and there is absolutely no scope for dust to be blown indoors as this is something which we must ensure before proceeding with duct cleaning.

The standard duct cleaning procedure takes around 3 – 4 hours on average but this depends on factors that may make the process even longer. We make sure to take our time when we work to ensure the best results and the longer we take the better cleaning you will get.