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Banging Noises Of Ducts: Causes And Solutions

Barry Martin
March 29, 2023

Central cooling and heating systems are spread around the building, and HVAC ducts are made of metal construction, generating noise. Ductwork banging noise can be a reason for frustration, and it is necessary to keep the duct noiseless.

Reasons Behind Duct Noises

woman can not sleep because of noise

The banging sound of the duct doesn’t only come because of its built quality but also from some causes behind it. Typical component errors cause ductwork banging noise, such as shaking ductwork. So the significant reasons behind the frustrating duct noises are

Rattling Ductwork


Your duct is making rattling sounds because of the metal building. Sometimes some components get loosened. When the loose metal components knock each other when the duct is functional, you will face rattling sounds coming from the duct.

Booming Sounds

Duct Noise

You may face booming sounds because of the contact between the plenum and trunk. If the dampers or the expansion joints are insufficient in the duct, you will meet reverberating noises all over your home or commercial space. Troubleshoot for the loose contacts between the plenum and trunk.

Vibrating Ductwork


If you see the duct is vibrating or shaking because of the dirty air filter, which is making the air blockage from inside of the duct. That is why it is essential to check ducts for clogged air filters regularly and if you find one, go for replacement immediately.

Scraping Noises

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Sometimes user faces scratching sounds from the duct. These sounds come because raccoons, rats, or other animals have somehow made their way inside the duct systems. If you detect such sounds, initiate pest control or contact the HVAC company.

How To Prevent Noises Of Duct

Duct Pipe

HVAC noises are frustrating and can lead to severe damage to the duct system. However, there are steps to prevent duct noises, which are stated below.

1. Adjusting The Fan Speed

Duct Fan

HVAC professionals select the airflow of the duct. They can set the fan's speed higher than usual while installing. Thus, the excess speed can be a source of duct-banging noises, and lowering the speed will reduce the pressure and noise.

2. Replacing HVAC Air Filter


Clogged air filters can be a source of duct-banging noises. You should check the air filter regularly to eliminate unnecessary dirt from the duct. Seeking the help of an HVAC expert will help you.

3. Installing Larger Air Ducts


Smaller air ducts can be a reason for noises because of lack of airflow. The heater and conditioner are perfect but can cause trouble due to their size. When a large air duct is installed, you will have larger velocity grilles and registers, providing an uninterrupted flow of air.

4. Installing Bypass Duct


Due to excess pressure with a multi-zone system, it is possible to lower the pressure with a bypass duct system. This strategy will minimize the stress and fix other issues. But this strategy works in some specific cases, and it is better to consult the HVAC company for further assistance.

5. Considering Different Shape Of The Ducts


It is better to think about the shapes of the duct. Rectangular duct shapes are most popular nowadays because of their clean and sleek profile. However, rectangular ducts make noise because they cannot tolerate pressure easily. For adapting different shapes, consider expert consultation.

6. Installing A Duct Silencer


If you are using round ducts, a duct silencer is a must to minimize the amount of noise. A duct silencer or muffler has a double-wall design and default insulation which prevent duct banging noise. Silencers perform best when you install them near the fan or other components which make noise. Keep in mind that silencers can reduce the banging noise. It might not eliminate the sounds correctly.

7. Insulating The Duct


Installing insulation makes the duct much more energy efficient, and it will reduce the ductwork banging noise. But for the best outcome, it is better to have the assistance of an HVAC professional.

Final Thoughts

Ductwork banging noise indicates problems like configuration errors, pest issues, or loose components. However, ductwork noise is a message that the system needs instant repairs.

Sometimes, it is impossible to emit the unwanted noises of the duct but reduce them, which is how it works. But in the end, talking to an HVAC expert is the ultimate solution that will help you like no other.

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