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Do Clean Air Ducts Really Help with Curing Allergies?

Barry Martin
August 13, 2021

HVAC systems are in every home these days as clean air circulation becomes a necessity for everyone, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The main purpose of HVAC systems is to keep out dust and debris along with other airborne pathogens. This may reduce the spread and contamination of airborne diseases but it also prevents another major problem which is allergies.

We all may know allergies as harmless annoyances but sometimes they can be fatal. Along with the similarities it has with the coronavirus symptoms, it is very hard to pinpoint what it really can be. Usually, it is customary to have dirty air ducts cleaned out by professionals periodically as is recommended, but what about its effect on these airborne annoyances?

It is arguable that HVAC systems can actually cure allergies over time and it has also been classed as a myth. Here we will dive deep into what the experts have to say about HVAC systems and their effects on the onset of allergies.


The human body is designed perfectly to resist and remove any foreign bodies that may trespass its boundaries and it is built into the immune system. This reaction is crucial to fight off diseases that may prove to be fatal but sometimes it can get a bit out of hand. Allergies are what we call a false alarm and an overreaction from our immune systems.


Sometimes completely harmless foreign bodies can be recognized as a threat which results in undesirable reactions making us sick and show symptoms of severe illness. Allergies are usually harmless causing minor cold-like symptoms which can even range to fever, rashes, and even itching.

On the extreme scale, allergic reactions can cause anaphylaxis which restricts breathing and can result in death if not attended to immediately.

Because of its range of effects, allergies are taken very seriously and HVAC systems claim to cure allergies altogether which everyone usually takes with a grain of salt. The argument rages on about the efficacy of cleaner air ducts preventing illnesses. Here we aim to tackle the issue properly.

Cleaner Air Circulation - Why is it important

Everyone is always on about how clean air ducts keep your health in check but to what extent is this true? Should you really be cleaning out your air ducts often and what role does this actually play in airborne disease prevention?

Cleaner air ducts may actually be doing a lot for you and you may not even notice. To start things off, it prevents the buildup and recirculation of filth as having them cleaned out more often prevents this altogether.

Once your house has clean air circulating all around it, free of pathogens, dust, and debris, you will start to notice a spike in your overall health.

Eventually, with better health, your mood will start to change as well. Cleaner air does wonders for the human body. With the constant filtering, it is shown to have reduced the emergence of allergies by a large margin.


Cleaner air ducts can have positive effects for the inhabitants of the house but it doesn’t stay clean for long as it accumulates dirt and debris over the course of time. It may need to be cleaned out from time to time but what's the recommended time period?

How often should you clean HVAC systems

As the HVAC systems constantly circulate clean air, their own cleanliness needs to be looked at as well since they’re prone to dust accumulation. This in turn can be dangerous as this old dust and debris can be picked up by the airflow and circulated around the house.

To prevent this, air ducts and the entire HVAC system need to be cleaned out over a certain course of time. Many may ask what this period of time is and how often you should clean our air ducts and the answer really depends on a lot of factors that include region, weather, and the size of the HVAC systems.

If you’re looking for an answer that helps you stop the build-up and recirculation of dust and debris to prevent allergies and other airborne diseases, then that number could be as little as 6 months to 1 year. Clean out the air ducts, and prevent airborne diseases, it's that simple.

Cleaning an air duct could cost up to $400 while medical bills can stack up to $30,000. It isn’t much of a price to pay to ensure good health. We have addressed the issue of the price estimates of cleaning our air ducts in detail in a previous topic which you can refer to and it still is over 100 times lower than what medical bills it can save you in the long run.

Let's take a closer look at how HVAC systems provide complete protection and ensure good health.

Filter Out Dust and Debris

Allergies are most commonly induced by dust and debris that can often make their way into our airways and cause an undesirable reaction from our immune system. HVAC systems work round the clock to filter out this dust and debris circulating clean air only. Having uncleaned air ducts can exacerbate the circulation of dust and make things even worse which is why it is recommended to have air ducts cleaned out often.

Sealed Protection

Air ducts are the only pathway for air to circulate around the house as all windows and doors are sealed shut to create a safe haven for all its inhabitants. This ensures no unwanted dirty air enters the house and the entire house is sealed completely. In this clean bubble, it is of utmost importance to make sure the only ventilation systems are regularly cleaned.


Humidity Control

Humidity can often aggravate health issues and sometimes even be the cure depending on the individual and their health. For allergies, humidity plays a huge role as it is often seen that the humid air may carry more dust and debris. Humid air can also carry lots of unwanted pathogens floating around in the air that they feel most comfortable with. HVAC systems provide a much-needed control for air humidity reducing the risks drastically.

What Experts have to say

Various health journals provide varying data that may suggest very conflicting views on whether HVAC systems cure allergies altogether. It all depends on the individual's immune system as to whether it will respond to clean or dirty air over time. Most experts seem to recommend cleaner air as a better and healthier alternative overall as the raging pandemic has put everyone on high alert. Sure this drastic measure can prevent lots of airborne diseases by filtering out pathogens but what does this mean for those suffering from allergies?

The Ultimate Cure for Allergies - The Final Verdict

As we’ve gone through what various health experts have to say as well as reading up on a huge volume of health journals, we can come to a verdict on allergies. It may seem that allergies may not have a said cure since the reaction of our immune systems depends heavily on our DNA which can’t be altered by pills.

What most doctors suggest for allergies is prevention and that is exactly what clean air ducts do. It is also argued that perhaps with long periods of time staying safe from allergies may cure it for good. This is why we also recommend the constant cleaning of HVAC systems to prevent and possibly cure allergies.

The job is done best by experts who have been in this practice for years and can provide your HVAC systems with the deep cleaning and maintenance it needs to prevent allergies and ensure good health. Get in touch with your local HVAC expert today and have them assess the situation right away to get started on curing allergies for good.

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