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Here's How You Clean Dryer Vents On The Roof

Barry Martin
June 29, 2022

Like Air Conditioning Vents, Dryer Vents, too, need to be cleaned at least once a year & inspected twice a year. Most people aren’t concerned about cleaning their dryer vents as long as they are seemingly functional. However, a clogged Dryer Vent may lead you to untold disasters including dryer vent fires. Additionally, many skip cleaning dryer vents simply because they may be located on the roof, making them harder to reach.

Keeping that in mind, here’s the safest & effective method to clean dryer vents on the roof.

Process of Cleaning Dryer Vents on the Roof

If you are among those looking for an effective process to clean out dryer vents on the roof successfully, then you are in the right place. Let us take you through the entire cleaning process:

1. Locate the Vent on the Roof

Start by locating the dryer vent on the roof. To clean the vent properly and reconnect it after cleaning, you must know where it is on the roof and where the vent ends.

2. Disconnect the Dryer Vent

Disconnect the dryer vent first. You must ensure that the system has no power source. Turn off the system while cleaning so that no harm happens because of electricity or gas flow. If you have an electric dryer, unplug the cord and cut off the gas supply for the gas-powered dryer vents.

Disconnecting Dryer vent

3. Clean the Dryer Vent Interior

When you are sure that the system is completely disconnected from the power supply, clean the interior by vacuuming. A commercial vacuum machine sucks all the dust, debris, and lint that resides inside your dryer vent.

4. Remove Vent Cover

Now you have to remove the vent cover. To reach the vent, you may need to temporarily relocate the dryer and open the lid to see the duct inside. Then, using a soft cloth, wipe the cover and clean any dirt or lint.

5. Use a Leaf Blower

Insert a leaf blower through the hole in the wall. To prevent lint from coming out of the house, wrap a towel around the opening and the leaf blower. Turn on the leaf blower and let it run for 40 seconds.

Using Leaf Blower

Lint should be visible on the roof and the ground, but if you don't have anyone assisting you, turn off the leaf blower and go outside to check if the lint is going out of the vents through the roof. It's better to have someone with you who can walk outside and check.

6. Vacuum the Whole Vent

Use your vacuum cleaner to effectively clean the whole length of the dryer vent, and use a clean cloth to wipe out all the dirt from the edges. After cleaning the vent thoroughly from the inside and outside, reattach the vent cover.

7. Turn it On for a Trial

Finally, turn the system on and check if it's running correctly. If everything's okay, you can rest assured for half a year and run the dryer machine whenever you need.

Checking Dryer

It's Always Better To Hire Professionals For Your Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning dryer vent on roofs is heavy and sweaty work. Also, you must be careful about every step because cleaning the roof dryer vent from the inside can be dangerous for the new ones.

However, a clogged dryer vent may cause unsafe fire hazards. Professional dryer vent cleaners are trained and experienced. They are also equipped with all the necessary cleaning technologies. Since expert cleaners are very knowledgeable about their job, calling them is the best idea for cleaning dryer vent on the roof.

Here’s How Professionals Do it


Now that you know the entire dryer vent on roof cleaning process, it will be easier for you to clean it on your own sometimes. But we don't recommend you clean the roof's dryer vent without professional help. If you want to, ask someone with past experience in cleaning to accompany you.

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