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10 Signs Your Furnace May Explode & How to Prevent Them

Barry Martin
May 30, 2022

People only use furnaces in the winter, not in summer. So furnaces are inactive throughout summer. Due to its inactive date, various technical concerns arise. When you turn it on in the cold, you may have some difficulties. If you don't take care of the faults, the furnace could blow up at any time. It is extremely hazardous to you and your family. How do you know that your furnace will explode?

Here are 10 signs your Furnace is going to Explode and Tips on How to Maintain it.

Furnace Explosion

Ten Signs Your Furnace Is Going to Explode

1. Furnace Heater Does Not Switch On

Sometimes, you may face difficulties while switching on the furnace. If the furnace is old and you are trying to switch it on but failing, this is not a good sign. It means the furnace might explode at any time. If you face this problem, immediately contact an Expert to repair the Furnace, or replace it if recommended.

2. Furnace Smells Like Gas, Rotten Eggs, Burnt Plastic or Sewer

If you turn on the furnace and it starts working, then you don't have to worry about it.

But, after some time of working, if it starts to smell like gas, rotten eggs, burnt plastic, sewer, etc, that is a sign of the furnace exploding.

This could be due to various causes, including gas leaks or an overly unclean unit.

This is a cause for concern. Turn off the unit and contact an HVAC specialist to diagnose the problem.

Furnace exploding

3. Furnace Pilot Light Is Discolored

Most pilot lights are blue when they are working properly. Check your pilot light regularly to verify it is in good working order. If your pilot light is a different color, yellow, this could indicate a ventilation issue. When carbon monoxide gas is not adequately dispersed, your pilot will start to glow a different color to notify you of the problem. If you ignore this matter, then any sort of accident can happen as this is one of the signs your furnace is going to explode.

4. Furnace Is Not Working Properly or Producing Heat

This is one of the most obvious symptoms that your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. Suppose your furnace is not producing heat, not working properly, or simply producing insufficient heat to warm your home. In that case, you should contact an expert to inspect the problem and determine the root cause. It can cause serious issues. This is an important indicator that your furnace is going to explode.

5. Furnace Produces Abnormal Noises

Furnaces are not silent devices. They make some noises, but those noises are tolerable. But it is not normal if your furnace starts to produce loud rumbling, grinding, and high-pitched noises. Contact an HVAC specialist and explain the noises in detail if you hear any of them. There could be problems with the fan or belt or it could suggest an inner problem like loose components. If you hear abnormal noises, then it means it is one of the signs your furnace is going to explode.

Furnace alarm

6. Carbon Monoxide Detector Tripped and Went Off

Carbon-monoxide detectors are installed in furnaces to warn you if there is a carbon-monoxide leak. Speak with your gas company and your HVAC contractor to determine the source of the problem. If the detector alerts you or goes off, immediately turn off the unit and open doors and windows to allow fresh air into your home.

7. Furnace Is 15 Years or Older

According to surveys, the average lifespan of a furnace is about 18 years. Older furnaces will fail sooner than later. So if yours is 15 years or older, there is a high chance that it may explode. It is better to take no risk and you should begin looking for a replacement. This will save you and your family if you replace it on time before exploding.

8. Burner Flame Is Blue Instead of Yellow

Carbon monoxide is a potentially dangerous toxic gas that has no odor, taste, or color. Your furnace may be releasing carbon monoxide if the burner flame is blue rather than yellow. Because of the Carbon Monoxide, there is a high chance that your furnace can explode. To save you and your family, turn off the furnace for a while and send your family members and pets outside. After that, seek professional help to fix the problem.

9. When the Electricity Bill Is High

Abnormally high energy costs can indicate various issues. As the furnace components wear out naturally, they exert more effort, and the furnace takes more energy to run. Observe your Electricity meter and monitor whether your furnace is pulling an absurd amount of Electricity. If so, it’s time to call an expert to check if your furnace is doing okay.

10. Constant Need to Adjust Thermostat Settings

Suppose you have to regularly adjust the thermostat to keep your home at a suitable temperature. In that case, your furnace is not transferring heat properly. It can lead to serious issues like the exploding of your furnace. Contact the experts to fix the problem as soon as possible as this is one of the signs your furnace is going to explode.

Thermostat Settings

Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

  • Always Change or Clean your Filter
  • Don’t forget to check if the Blower Motor is operational
  • Reduce the heating load in your home
  • Check whether all Residential Vents are Free of Debris
  • Check whether the Exhaust Flue from a Gas Furnace to Outdoors is Clear
  • Remove any Combustible Materials from the setting of your Furnace
  • Your Heating System's Vents and Ducts should be Cleaned

Emergency? Call An Expert

Don't waste any time if you face any furnace-related issue and don’t know how to handle it. It is an emergency situation. If you don’t take any steps to fix the issues, the situation will worsen. It is better to call HVAC experts who know what to do during an emergency. They will come to your place and check what the problem is. You don’t have to worry anymore. Experts will fix all your furnace problems. If any repair or replacement is needed, then they will do that for you. You shouldn’t waste any time and call an expert to fix the problems and avoid all the accidents.


Finally, the furnace is important for every household to keep everything warm during winter. But, if you don’t check it regularly, there is a high chance that it may explode. Contact an expert to fix your furnace if you find one of these signs. By taking proper steps on time, you can save yourself and your family from a dangerous accident.

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