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How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

Barry Martin
January 31, 2021

If you are a homeowner you have to keep sharp eyes on the maintenance of your home regularly. Duct cleaning should be a must in your schedule as it only ensures benefit for your health and no harm at all. Sounds good right?

Let me ask you something. Do you want your home to be full of unwanted insects and rodents? What if any of your family members start suffering from allergies?

Let me tell you the easiest and affordable way that can keep you safe from all the dust and unwanted contaminants. You just need to clean your air ducts regularly which is twice a year. It eliminates household molds, hairs, and other vermin that may cause different health-related diseases.

Now that we know why should we clean it, here comes the most important part ‘how often does it need to clean or the signs that indicate that the ducts should be cleaned’.

  • I find it as a must thing to do every six months as it will get dirty due to the air circulation all the time. We don’t have the purest version of air right? So it’s a consideration I make in every six months to clean the ducts just to make sure the air I am breathing is clean.
  • Another component that makes me feel to clean the ducts is the smell of the air. We know some molds build up in the air and it flows to each of the rooms. Isn’t it? So I clean up the ducts that time to breathe air that doesn’t contain any moldy smell.
  • Who loves the home environment dirty? Neither do me. When I notice more dirt than usual I try to figure out the condition of the ducts. We know that clean and fresh air eliminates alarming health issues and for that, we need to clean the ducts at a scheduled time.
  • What happens when someone from our family gets sick with allergies, unusual colds, and coughing? There is a huge probability that it can be the air that is causing these diseases. When we don’t clean our ducts regularly the air quality drops massively. We may inhale bacteria and other components that cause breathing-related health issues. Especially when we have children and elderly aged people living with us. So, I clean up my ducts regularly as I can’t compromise the health of my family.
  • We are used to an approximate heating and cooling bill, right? Another sign of understanding the need for cleaning ducts is a significant change in the bill. You may wonder there is not much change in using the HVAC system than usual, why there is a massive change! What should you do at that time? Do a proper inspection of the ducts and clean them with the proper technician.

There are different opinions about duct cleaning and health issues. Does it prevent health issues or is it just a word of mouth?

What I think is why don’t we visualize the outcomes ourselves? When the ducts are clean the air quality seems better, the smell is good. And most importantly the cost of cleaning ducts is bearable and the process of cleaning isn’t also time-consuming.

Some professional technicians can take care of your ducts and you can be relieved from all the stress to clean your ducts.

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