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Does your fireplace smell in the summer? Here is what to do about it

Barry Martin
November 29, 2023

“Why does my fireplace smell in the summer?”- If this question ever arises in your mind during summer, then you are not alone. It’s a common problem faced by homeowners during summer.

Very few families use the fireplace during the summer when it’s warm outside. Fireplace odors are a common problem in the summer. The combination of heat, humidity, and other factors can cause fireplace odors.

In this blog, we will go through the root causes for this summer fireplace odors and how to fix them, so that you can have fresh living space as well as enjoy fresh air.

Let’s get started.

Why Fireplace Smells in The Summer

Without knowing the reasons behind fireplace odors, it's not possible to fix the problem. There are several reasons behind this. We will go through some common problems which can lead to a fireplace smell.

➤ Creosote Buildup

Creosote builds because of burning wood in the fireplace. Creosote buildup causes a smoky smell in the hot weather, and because of this, in the summer, the fireplace smells worse.

This happens because of not cleaning the chimney properly. Also, creosote is dangerous because it's a highly flammable chemical compound.

➤ Trapped Animals and Birds

bird nest in the top of chimney

During the night, animals try to find shelter to be safe. Smaller animals got into the chimney to spend the night. Sometimes they get stuck there and pass out, which makes the fireplace smelly.

Also, during spring, birds use the chimney as a nesting place due to its warmth. Because the decomposing materials from the nests can cause smells.

➤ Leaves on the chimney

During fall, when leaves start to fall. Sometimes leaves fall in the chimney and get stuck there. When these leaves are stuck on the chimney, it blocks the smoke escape. This causes bad smells in the chimney and the fireplace.

➤ Moisture and Humidity

snow in the chimney top

Humidity levels rise during the summer in the hot region. Chimney smells when it's humid. Also, when it rains, snow creates moisture in the chimney. Thus, your fireplace smells musty.

➤ Chimney waterproofing problem

During summer, rainwater slips through the chimney if there are any cracks, gaps, or any other openings in its structure. This water mixes with creosote and causes strong chimney odors.

Solutions to Get Rid of Fireplace Smell

If you want your fireplace to smell nice, you need to take some precautions. Here are some solutions that will help you to eliminate fireplace odors.

➤ Chimney Cap Installation

technician installing chimney cap on roof

If you don't have a chimney cap, then you should definitely install a chimney cap to your chimney. It prevents animals from entering, birds from nesting in the chimney, and also prevents leaves into the chimney.

Because of this chimney cap, you don't have a fireplace which is smelly in the summer.

➤ Chimney Waterproofing

Moisture is one of the main reasons for the fireplace smell. When it rains heavily or snow falls, water enters the chimney, it creates moisture and because of this, it causes a musty smell. To get rid of this problem, your chimney needs to be waterproofed.

➤ Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

technician cleaning chimney with brush

When summer starts, the house owner should schedule a professional chimney inspection. A certified professional can inspect your chimney. They can find out if there is any problem or damage in your chimney, find out the source of the chimney odor, and recommend an accurate solution to that problem.

Also, if an inspection finds out creosote building in the chimney, it's necessary to schedule a cleaning service in order to eliminate odors.

➤ Regular Use and Proper Ventilation

Occasionally try to light up your fireplace in summer. This will improve the airflow of the chimney as well as reduce the chimney smell. Also, make sure that your room is properly ventilated.

You can do this by opening your room window or using a fan, which will disperse the remaining smells.


If you ever have a question in your mind, “Why does my fireplace smell in the summer?”- Then don’t get panicked, because this can happen for several reasons and have solutions.

Just try to find out the reason behind this smell, and by implementing effective solutions, you can get rid of the bad smell of your fireplace. Take precautions and enjoy a fresh and odor-free home in the summer for a cozy and pleasant living space.

Moreover, If you feel that there is some dust and debris, feel free to clean your chimney. Learn more about Fireplace cleaning here.

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