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Air Duct Cleaning Cost Estimate For Property Owners: Things You Must Know

Barry Martin
March 22, 2021

Air ducts and HVAC systems are essential for private residences as well as commercial buildings that have to undergo extreme weather conditions (temperature drops lower than -1 degrees during the winter).

But do we really know how to keep the entire HVAC system functioning smoothly, particularly during this pandemic? 

Additionally, you will figure out an air duct cleaning cost estimate upon finishing reading this article.

The BIG question…?

HVAC systems and air ducts need to be cleaned thoroughly for complete functioning at full capacity without raising electricity costs or causing a fire.

Knowing the importance of having clean air ducts or ventilation systems, every property owner must be aware of air duct cleaning costs. The answer will never be clear until you request an inspection with an HVAC quote. 

It is always hard to predetermine HVAC cleaning costs as it depends on multiple factors that have been elaborated throughout the rest of this article.

The Importance of HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

There are countless reasons to clean out air ducts that are generally ignored.

One of the main reasons is to remove the buildup of dirt that accumulates over time with usage. Cleaning out air ducts also inhibits the infestation of aerially transmitted germs, viruses, and bacteria, which is a matter of grave concern today.

Moreover, entire airflow obstruction may occur due to pests and animal infestations too. Proper sanitation of air ducts is crucial for supplying a whole structure with fresh hazard-free breathable air. 

The importance of clean air ducts has also introduced professionals willing to get the work done at a reasonable price.

Keeping in mind the complexity of the task technicians who will come up with pricey air duct cleaning cost estimates due to attending precarious spots for conducting thorough cleaning. 

You can rest assured that our professionals will perform their job with finesse and precision to give you the best results.

You’ll need to know much more about the importance of cleaning air ducts and for that, we’ve got you covered.

Price Estimate for HVAC Cleaning

The pricing for duct cleaning at residential houses also requires an estimate. This is done by professionals(us) who will visit your house and inspect the entire system, including the ductwork, heating, and cooling systems. 

After going through the entire system and the area it covers, your hired professional can provide you with an estimate of how much it might cost to have the whole system cleaned out.

Your cleaner will single out all the details to provide you with every little cost that will add up to the total cost of cleaning out your office or home air ducts.

However, these prices could also be influenced by a number of factors elaborated below.

Dependent Pricing

Air ducts aren’t usually located in places that are easily accessible. The location and accessibility of air ducts and HVAC systems can change the pricing of cleaning them out. The tougher they are to reach, the higher they will be priced.

The cleanliness of where they are located can also affect the cost. If the location is filthy, professionals will charge a higher price. If the location is infested by pests such as rodents or insects the cleaners are expected to charge much higher due to the poor working conditions.

Prices can depend on a lot of other issues which we will assess in detail.

As for a reference value, air duct cleaning can cost from $400 all the way to $1000 on average. Other factors might change the costs.

Pricing on Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts aren’t necessarily uniform everywhere. They come in different sizes and types which directly affects the method used for cleaning. Moreover, the ductwork can extend to variable lengths and have multiple outlets depending on the setting.

All these factors are taken under consideration during the pricing but each cleaner might have its own method of pricing; however, the average pricing per vent is about $35.

Your cleaner might charge you per vent sometimes with an added flat fee or you might be charged per area covered while cleaning which is every square foot.

Pricing for Commercial and Residential Buildings

This is a basic fact that cleaners charge differently for commercial and residential buildings. Some cleaners are specialized in either of these while there are a few that excel at both.

In either case, cleaning commercial buildings will always cost on average 30% higher than residential buildings. This is only because commercial buildings tend to have more complex ductwork and have larger cooling and heating units.

Pricing on location

The location is an important issue when it comes to pricing. States often have their own predetermined values set for services which can vary in different states. The weather conditions also play a role in pricing by location.

Cities such as Denver charge the lowest while Jacksonville might charge the higher amount for duct cleaning. The cleaning prices are also set by how farther away your location is from the cleaner’s location. It all comes to a difference of about 100 dollars on average.

Heating and cooling systems

The heating and cooling devices within a building may vary depending on the area they need to cover.

Cleaning out these units is imperative not just for maintenance but to prevent hazardous repercussions as the failure of these devices could spell disaster for the whole building.

Air duct cleaners can make quick work of these units by cleaning them out with precision. The cost will also vary as more devices mean you will need to pay higher for each.

Air Filtration

Upon inspection, your hired expert might recommend changing the air filters since prolonged services can make air filters clogged up which can cause air congestion.

Changing air filters will ensure smoother service and of course, it will cost slightly more. The cost is divided between the price of the air filter along with the installation fee.

Additional Air Duct Cleaning Costs

With the variables in mind, there are a few more factors that can change the pricing. Cleaning out air ducts is a job that needs to be done correctly and with attention to detail. There might be additional cleaning that needs to be done such as the removal of molds and mildew.

The cleaner might also remove infestations that can cause air obstruction. If your air ducts are custom designed and do not abide by stock recommendations, it might cost slightly more to clean. Custom-designed air ducts and HVAC systems require special processes to clean them out which raises the cost of cleaning.

Air ducts and HVAC systems may require periodic repairs. Your cleaner can survey the entire system and provide you with the details of the required repairs. If repairs are necessary, the overall cost will increase.


Air ducts need to be cleaned out periodically and it is recommended by experts all throughout the country. Cleaning our air ducts will allow them to operate steadily and prevent breakdowns or unexpected accidents. The cost of air duct cleaning can vary and the factors discussed can help provide an estimated forecast of how much that amount might be.

Office and home cut cleaning will always have separate pricing with the latter being reasonably cheaper for its size and complexity. Once you know the price, you can move on forward to hire an expert to begin the cleaning.

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