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Why Duct Cleaning Services Are Essential During The Pandemic?

Barry Martin
January 17, 2021

Air ducts have become a crucial necessity for all buildings with growing demands for properly maintained HVAC systems today. Even before the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, it was always important to ensure proper and clean air ducts.

Being the breathing apparatus for your house, the cleanliness of HVAC units determines the quality of air inside buildings. There is growing popularity and demand for air duct cleaning services/technicians in the field of cleaning and maintaining air ducts only because of its importance.

Ensuring the circulation of clean and germ-free air is what determines the health of those within the building.

The coronavirus has brought forward a stronger need for cleaner air ducts to slow the spread and prevent further infections. Here are some of the things you will need to know about keeping the air ducts clean during the coronavirus pandemic for flattening the curve.

Coronavirus - An Aerosolized Threat

The coronavirus is transmitted through aerial dispersion and that is where air ducts play a huge role in preventing infections.

Although the coronavirus does not have a long range of transmission, the distance it traveled can be prolonged due to the quality of air.

Air ducts regulate the quality of air in buildings to ensure cleaner breathable air.

This is why it becomes such a crucial issue to clean and maintain air ducts.

HVAC air purification

Before we proceed, there are a few things to know and keep in mind about the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world right now, spreading across to contract almost 100 million cases, including 2 million deaths!

It has become a serious topic of debate when it comes to safety measures that need to be taken to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.

The coronavirus is transmitted through aerial dispersion and that is where air ducts play a huge role in preventing infections.

Air Duct Cleaning Services – for Breathing Comfortably

From heating and cooling, all the way to ensuring a clean flow of air, air ducts are an integral part of residents and offices.

Air ducts control the quality of air inside a building by running air vents throughout the entire building which supplies the entire network with clean air.

This is done by filtering the air to get rid of allergens and pollutants that may otherwise have health issues.

Over time the filter or vents may accumulate dust which in turn will need cleaning.

The cleaning is usually done by specialists (generally the duct cleaning services) who know exactly what to do.

If done correctly, this can go a long way in ensuring that aerial pathogens such as the coronavirus do not make their way into the building.

Keeping Off the Dust

The air quality in most busy cities isn’t exactly clean and may contain a large spectrum of pathogens, pollutants, and allergens, among which dust is common.

At any given time, there are tens of thousands of fine particles of dust floating through the air capable of causing allergies and other health problems.

There are major detrimental effects caused on electronics such as computers and laptops, inhibiting the dust in the air is crucial for both offices and residential buildings that are actively hiring duct cleaning services.

Luckily, the air filtering system in air ducts does the job impeccably; therefore, allowing proper filtration by removing the finest of dust particles into clean breathable air.

Already know the importance of clean air? Sign up for the best air duct cleaning services to inspect your home.

Sanitized and Clean Airflow

The air is riddled with dust particles and microscopic organisms that make breathing this air a health hazard.

The dust can cause allergic reactions while the pathogens in the air might cause respiratory illnesses.

Among these illnesses is the infamous coronavirus that has claimed the lives of almost 2 million people.

The air filtration system of air ducts traps these germs and microbes and pumps clean air throughout the building.

Furthermore, the process could improve the overall health condition of everyone and increase immunity.

Proper Exhaust and Air Circulation

The occupants of a building breathing the air every minute contribute to a lot of natural air quality deterioration as it causes the air to become more humid with time.

In a time of a crisis such as a coronavirus, it is especially important to keep the air flowing and to constantly pump in the fresh air.

Doing so will remove the carbon dioxide saturated air and replace it with oxygen-rich air, which is a strong reason to keep air ducts in check.

Furthermore, other disease-causing pathogens besides the coronavirus also need to be sucked out which is why having a well-maintained intake and exhaust is so crucial.

Air ducts help with disinfecting and purifying the air around us but it also needs to be disinfected since it might and will accumulate microscopic pathogens which could cause issues in the long run.

HVAC specialists believe the systems need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain proper functionality.

To combat coronavirus, specialists recommend fogging to sanitize and disinfect the entire premises.

If followed correctly, it can ensure a smooth operation.

UV disinfection and Ozone Generation

It is a debatable assumption that Ultraviolet lamps help disinfect and neutralize the much-feared coronavirus.

In theory, the truth is often unbelievable since UV lamps can help improve air quality in many different ways.

The UV lamps that emit shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet light can neutralize the functionality of viruses and microbes by destroying their DNA.

UV lamps also generate ozone in the air which is an excellent disinfectant.

Couple this technology with your air ventilation systems and it will go a long way in reducing the effectiveness of the transmission of coronavirus.

HVAC Maintenance and Upkeep

This is something that needs a lot of emphases.

Well-maintained air ventilation and ducts help to keep the entire system clean and prevent breakdowns as well as preventing it from circulating filthy air from its components which are constantly working to keep the air purifier.

Air Ducts – The air ducts are long channels to transfer air all through the building and over time can accumulate dust and microbes.

This needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent it from circulating its accumulated pollutants.

Fans – They keep the air flowing and can become clogged with dust over time.

They may also contribute to the process of circulating pollution. Fans need to be cleaned more often to make sure systems run smoothly.

Air FIlters – These can become clogged up from constantly filtering the air and need to be cleaned or replaced to make sure the airflow is smooth and clean.

If left unattended, they may lose their functionality or cause damage to other components due to restricted airflow.

Cooling coils, furnaces, and refrigerants – The main components responsible for climate control can become congested by the accumulation of dust. If left unattended they may cause the entire system to lose functionality.

Office Environment – a Crucial Point of Focus

Offices and commercial buildings house the highest number of occupants. This high number of occupants can degrade air quality turning the environment unhealthy for breathing.

Air ducts in offices are crucial in maintaining the air quality to keep every employee and worker safe, healthy, and always oxygenated.

Commercial buildings need special attention due to the workload they are put under.

The constant purification of air within commercial centers calls for more frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Air ducts are crucial not only to keep the air clean from germs and bacteria but also to supply buildings with air rich in oxygen.

Air ducts have a vital role in maintaining air quality and cannot be compromised.

They need proper attention and maintenance from qualified specialists. Frequent cleaning and proper maintenance will keep the system running smoothly while cutting out the risks of breathing in polluted air. Get your air duct checked and cleaned by filling up our quotation online.

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